club officer training

Club Officer Training

The success of a club and its members depend on how well club officers execute their responsibilities.  Knowing what to do and how to do it is paramount to every leader’s success.  

By providing leadership and support, club officers foster a positive environment that’s conducive to members’ personal and professional growth, allowing them to achieve their personal Toastmasters education goals.  To help prepare you for your role, District 56 offers training. 

District 56 hosts training for club officers twice annually.

  • Round 1:  Between June 1 and August 31
  • Round 2:  Between November 1 and February 28

These two sessions help you learn about your officer role, as well as the best practices to better serve your club. This is a perfect educational opportunity for Toastmasters’ Club Officers as well as all members to come together to network, share ideas, and be inspired. It’s where club officers receive training on how to best serve their clubs, and every Toastmaster can expand their skills as a communicator and a leader with additional educational sessions.

Clubs with officers attending training receive credit toward the training goal in the Distinguished Club Program.  In order for clubs to receive credit, the district’s Program Quality Director must record the training information online in District Central under the Club Officer Training Report.

The training information must be recorded online by:

  • September 30:  for June through August training period (changes accepted until October 31).
  • March 31:  for November through February training period (changes accepted until May 31).

Whether you’re new to the role or have served in the position before, you’re bound to learn something new at the sessions as well as meet other Toastmasters serving in the same role.  Attending a session during each training period will also help your club achieve a Distinguished Club Program goal

Get Ready to Learn

For the best Club Officer Training experience, please take a few minutes to prepare.
We recommend you:

Benefits of Attending Online Club Officer Training

  • Gain confidence in your role and being part of a leadership team
  • Hear new ideas and offer your ideas to others
  • Take away tools and resources to be successful in your role 
  • Help meet your club’s Distinguished Club Program goals through valuable, required officer training
  • Make a quick commute in your own home and be finished by lunch or dinner!

Club Officer Training counts towards Distinguished Club Program goal #9.  To meet this goal, a minimum of (4) four officers from your club must be trained in both Round 1 and Round 2.

Club Officer Training is open to all members interested in learning more about Toastmasters Club Leadership opportunities.

Online Leadership Electives

What’s in your tool box?  Do you have the tools you need to be a successful communicator or leader?

The District 56 Online Leadership Electives program offers you the tools you need to be a successful Toastmaster and club officer.

Whether you are a leader in your club, at your office, in your volunteer organization, or anywhere in your life, this program is right for you.

Visit the District Calendar to learn more about these FREE, optional, continuing education electives. 

Electives may include, but not limited to:

  • Creating Club Quality
  • Leading the Club to Success
  • Building a Healthy Team
  • Enhancing Evaluations
  • Building on Achievement for Continued Success
  • Intro to Pathways
  • Base Camp Manager
  • Plan for Success
  • Free Toast Host  and more

 Sign up for as many electives as you’d like.  They are free.  They are optional.  They are designed just for you! 

Club Officer Training Materials

Club leaders are best served by consistent, professional training that supports the brand, enhances member experience, and helps them grow as leaders. The materials provided by Toastmasters International are the standard of quality and consistency that should make up the core of district-sponsored club officer training.  It teaches club officers the traits of a healthy team, how to identify behavioral styles and how to build trust.  

Visit Toastmasters International’s Club Officer Training Resource Library page to view club officer training materials. The Club Officer Training can be supported by additional Training Activities.  

Though not all topics must be covered in each round of club officer training, it will always include the Club Officer Role Breakouts.  The Training Club Leaders guide is used for planning and presenting Club Officer Training.


district officer training

Well-trained Area and Division Directors lead to successful teams, enhanced club quality, quality speech contest, distinguished clubs, and more.



Pathways is Toastmasters self-paced online communication and leadership learning curriculum comprised of 11 paths and over 300 unique competencies.



Providing training to our Club Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches ensures they have the knowledge and resources necessary to be successful.